Food again.

Okay, well i didn’t think I’d have a food mishap again as quickly as I have but today was so bad that I need to write about it. I promise I will actually write some more about what we are actually doing as soon as we stay somewhere with a computer. 

right so first of all I thought today I actually feel like rice or noodles so we went out looking for some street food as we have only just got to the centre of chiang mai today. Finally found somewhere that was in English and I ordered fried garlic, peppers and chicken on rice. This is what I got : 

ImageWhat is that?!! It looks like someone threw up on a plate. There was no rice, or garlic or peppers so I don’t even want to think about what meat it was. I therefore couldn’t bring myself to eat it. 

So I got a chicken kebab wrap thing again and jump in before they throw all the sauce on. So I quite clearly said just mayo – he responded and everything. What did I get – not Mayo! 

Okay so on the way to get this food we saw a sign for Burger King doing cheap apple and cherry pies, so thought id get one of them to make up for everything else. Go smoothly?! Noooo an hour wait  

I wanted a pie so badly so we went over the road to mcdonalds. Image

What is that?!!! Corn pie. 

so I thought, okay I’ll just get a pancake. Plain pancake and Nutella cost me like 40 baht!! (which is about 80p, so still cheap, but expensive for here) it did taste good though which I suppose is the main thing. 

Okay so does it end there?? Noooope. We decide to get a drink where we are staying, nope no cocktails as they have run out of juice. Finally got an archers and lemonade – bug in my drink but by this time I just wanted a drink regardless!!


Ocean park

We weren’t sure whether we should go here or not, as the price to get in was a little bit over our budget but, I am so glad that we went!!

Firstly there were pandas 🙂

This is Ying Ying, I wanted to go and see the Panda bases in China but it wasn’t possible to fit that into this trip so it was nice to still be able to see them somewhere. They had a really lovely enclosure which was really big, they also were feed Bamboo and they were big and looked happy. This is in comparison to Berlin Zoo where the Panda was fed normal veg and he was much much smaller than the two here.

This park had everything from animals to rides. This was called the hair raiser because at the point of your picture there is a big bump which makes your hair stick up on end.

The park was actually on two levels over a cliff, so some of the rides were like this which made them much scarier.

As much as I think it is cruel, there were different animal shows including one with dolphins and sea lions, as I don’t think I have ever even seen a dolphin I wanted to watch this.

As I said it was on two different levels they had a cable car to get from one to the other, which was amazing.

The decorations around the park were also really good, here is one of them for Fern.

_DSC1660 _DSC1745
We went when the park was all decorated for Halloween (which was a bit early) they did it really well, I have never been to a fright night at the parks at home so I can’t really compare but they had decorations everywhere and it ended up a bit of a game trying to spot all of them – here are some of them at the bottom of the shark enclosure and Josh posing as most people did there 🙂

Finally at the end there was this show, which was amazing. – I do have a recording of my own but not being very good with technology I can’t work out how to get it off my phone and onto here. This is how we spent our final day in Hong Kong and I am so glad we did – the park was a million times better than what we expected.

My bad luck with food.

I’m slacking with this blogging business already. But thought I might as well blog all the bad luck I have with food because some people will find this funny – including Josh. It also happens quite often, from my food coming out late, to not even taking the order, to the wrong dish etc. 

so far – this was before I decided to blog this so haven’t taken photos. Ordered spaghetti with bacon and garlic thinking it was going to be a carbonara type dish, wrong…literally spaghetti cooked likes a stir fry with bacon and garlic. Considering I don’t even like bacon I can just deal with it in sauces it was a bad choice. 

Yesterday for for dinner I got a chicken kebab wrap thing, where usually you would get asked what sauce you would like I wasn’t. I therefore had Mayo, ketchup and salad cream all together!! Fern would probably enjoy this as she is weird like that. At the time I was so hungry I just ate it but it’s a bit weird!

Today I ordered curly fries. Here is a picture of my curly fries. They are not very curly!!!Image

So after being disappointed with this lunch I though I’ll get some coconut ice cream because I know I like that. Here’s a picture of it – yep that is sweet corn in my ice cream one of the main food which I hate!Image

I’m not sure if I am this funny with food because these things happen to me, or I take these things so bad because I am funny with food – cause and effect?!

Weird things about Hong Kong

These are just some of the things that I noticed which are different from home and therefore seemed a bit strange to me.

1) people here go to beaches to take a photo rather than to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Most of these people also looked like they were dressed for winter.

2) there is no sense of personal space anywhere

3) in parts it is as built up as London, well actually much more but it lacks the same sense of urgency which people always seem to have in London.

4) everyone here acts like a tourist even though I’m sure not all of them are.

5) they do a light show on the skyline every night (which is pretty cool) but, there is no way it would be popular enough to do every night in other places yet here it was packed with spectators.

6) scaffolding is made out of bamboo?!?!

7) very against germs, as in they did random temperature checks of people at the airport, they anti-bacterial hand rails etc. once an hour and some people wear masks over their mouths to stop getting the germs. However, on the other hand there were parts of Hong Kong which were really dirty and they pump out so much pollution from all the vehicles, it seems a bit hypocritical.

8) In all photos they pull a funny pose with their hands.

9) People don’t seem to cross the road even if it is clear unless the green man is up.

10) Even though I said their seems to be no sense of urgency, there is when you are waiting to get onto the peak tram, everyone actually ran to try and get on as fast as possible.

Anyone else pick up on things when they went to Hong Kong?

Day 1 & 2

Okay, this might potentially be a really boring blog as I might have lost all my pictures from the last couple of days (if not I will add them to this at a later date). I’m a bit annoyed about this, but then I suppose at least it has happened after 2 days rather than at a later point when I would have lost more photos. 


So this is a map of Hong Kong so  you can follow what I am talking about. We are currently staying in Kowloon and moving later today down to the Hong Kong Island. We are staying off of the main road in Hong Kong called Nathan road which is full of shops, skyscrapers and electric signs, which is what I mainly expected from Hong Kong. So really there hasn’t actually been too much to do around here. Day 1 we explored around here, we walked all the way down Nathan road, explored Kowloon park which like the rest of Hong Kong seemed to be packed with so many different things. We walked along the avenue of stars and didn’t recognise a single name :p In the evening along here there is also a light show on the buildings of the skyline of Hong Kong Island and also on the skyline of Kowloon. This happens every night at 8pm and is free, it was quite impressive really, if you youtube a symphony of lights it will probably come up. 

Yesterday we went over to Lantau Island, which is completely different to here, as it is so green! We visited the big Buddha, which is 34ft tall. Image

Here is a picture which I stole off Google. I don’t really have much more to say about it as it is literally what it says, a giant Buddha. 

After we visited Cheung Sha Beach, which is one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong. I’m quite surprised by the number of beaches which are here in Hong Kong but then apparently there are over 200 islands that make up this country. There were so many crabs on this beach, they were sand coloured and blended in so well that it was scary. Can’t find a picture, but you seriously could not see them!  I will write some more about the beaches here later as I am hoping to visit some more before we leave (hopefully today as it is supposed to be sunny all day :)) 

Okay I’ll leave it there, as I need to go and sort out my bits.


Vietnam visa here or there??

We have left getting our Vietnam visa a bit late and I’m wondering are we better off still sending off for it here in this country as we have two weeks until we leave or whether we should get the visa in Bangkok??

We are planing to get to Vietnam overland through Laos, so we need to get one before arrival. 

Please help!!

Some horrors of overland crossings.

I have spent the day researching where the overland crossings are for a lot of countries in south east Asia. As we plan to cross through a lot of these countries when we set off. Some of the crossings sound fine (mainly the ones where visas are not needed) however, others sound like a nightmare. Due to slow moving, touts, passports “disappearing”, bribery etc. I have mainly read about this happening in Cambodia – with the Aranyaprathet/Poipet crossing but also a few others to Cambodia. 

So this is quite worrying – have you ever had issues with overland crossings?